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Have you noticed something of late?

Management has almost become a bad word in Facility Management.

Have you found anyone who is extremely happy with their facility management service provider?

Chances are very little. The talking and the presentation looks good, but when it comes to delivery, more often than not, the client is short changed.

We have been there and experienced it.

Kori Facility Pvt Ltd is a result of our experience which is your experience as you are reading this. We have managed some of the largest physical entities and we believe you have done that too. And, we had to depend on people and the technology they brought along and we do not think situation is any different with you. Sometimes people failed and sometimes technology. And, when everything seemed to be right, we seemed to be plain unlucky that things still did not fall in place. Is your experience much different from this?

That is when we realized there was a gap. A huge gap between promise and actual delivery.

We knew the why, we knew the how and we knew the where. We knew the client should not feel lucky to get it all done and be totally satisfied. It was the client’s right. The client is You. It is your right and everything should fall in place just like you wanted it. There should not be luck involved. It should be only people, technology and process.

Because at one time the client was us and we experienced the pain.

Kori Facility Pvt Ltd is a result of the pain we felt.

Kori Facility Pvt Ltd because we do not want you to feel the same pain. We have got everything organized and packaged it with our experience of over 18 years.



To enable physical facilities to be showcased as part of corporate excellence and governance.


Continue our commitment to a culture of strong business ethics, integrity, value addition and seamless delivery.


Our values are based on the rich Indian heritage of conviction, tolerance and respect for others, And they guide every action of the members of the KORI Team.

Our Team

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Maharaj Diggi

Managing Director


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Facility Executive

Sunil Kumar

Facility Operation